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Happy Hour Menu
Monday - Friday: 3-6pm

Sushi Menu


seaweed on the outside, cut into six pieces

tuna roll*/GF tuna


cucumber roll GF/ V cucumber


yellowtail scallion roll*/GF

yellowtail, green onions


ume cucumber roll V

japanese plum, cucumber


salmon roll */GF salmon



2 pieces







octopus GF


shrimp GF




smoked salmon*/GF


crab GF


scallops GF



5 pieces

tuna sashimi*/GF


salmon sashimi*/GF


yellowtail sashimi*/GF


octopus sashimi GF


shrimp sashimi GF


eel sashimi


smoked salmon sashimi*/GF


yellowtail jalapeno


tuna tataki


scallops GF



rice on the outside, cut into eight pieces

california roll GF

imitation crab, avocado, cucumber


crab roll GF

crab, avocado, cucumber


spicy tuna roll*/GF

spicy tuna mix, cucumber


spicy yellowtail roll*/GF

spicy yellowtail mix, green onions, cucumber


spicy salmon roll*/GF

spicy salmon mix, cucumber


spicy california roll

spicy crab mix, avocado, cucumber


spicy crab crunch roll

spicy crab mix, cucumber, topped with tempura flakes and eel sauce


philadelphia roll*/GF

smoked salmon, cream cheese, cucumber


eel cucumber roll

freshwater eel, cucumber, eel sauce


shrimp tempura roll

shrimp tempura, avocado cucumber



picasso roll*

spicy yellowtail, avocado topped with yellowtail, jalapeño, cilantro, togarashi, sriracha, ponzu


rainbow roll*/GF

california roll topped w/ tuna, salmon, yellowtail, shrimp


dragon roll

spicy crab mix, cucumber topped with freshwater eel, eel sauce


goin' back to cali

spicy crab mix, avocado, cucumber topped w/ shrimp, eel sauce, spicy mayo


bubba gump roll

shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber topped w/ shrimp, eel sauce, spicy mayo


las vegas roll*

salmon, spicy crab mix, cream cheese, tempura fried, eel sauce


peppered tataki roll*

imitation crab, shrimp, avocado topped with seared peppered tuna, sesame-soy chili sauce, green onions


sunshine roll*/GF

spicy salmon mix, cucumber topped with salmon, lemon


caterpillar roll

eel, cucumber topped with avocado, eel sauce


rincon roll

soy paper, spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber


irishman roll

salmon, cream cheese, jalapenos, avocado, wasabi mayo topped with tempura flakes


la puebla roll

spicy tuna, jalapenos, cilantro, avocado, tempura fried, spicy mayo


lollipop roll

cucumber rolled, imitation crab, avocado, tuna, salmon, yellowtail and shrimp


jimi hendrix roll

soy paper, spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber, jalapenos, cilantro, masago


spider roll

soft shell crab, crab stick, avocado, spicy mayo and eel sauce


portland roll

crab, avocado, cucumber, topped with salmon and ponzu sauce


yellow submarine roll

california topped with yellowtail, green onions and spicy ponzu


dynamite roll

baked crab mix and scallops, topped with eel sauce, spicy mayo and a squeeze of lemon


n.a.s.a. roll

soy paper, tuna, cream cheese, jalapenos topped with poke sauce


tuna for days roll

spicy tuna, cucumber topped with tuna, green onions and poke sauce


red roll

eel, shrimp tempura topped with a spicy eel sauce



sweet potato roll V

tempura sweet potato, topped with eel sauce


vegetable roll V

avocado, cucumber, spinach, yama gobo


avocado roll V




assorted sashimi

chef choice





assorted nigiri

chef choice (6 each)


sushi combo

california roll with 6 pc sushi served with soybeans



fresh wasabi


sub cucumber for seaweed


any roll tempura fried


hand rolls available


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